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윙체어하면 떠오르는 가장 전형적인 형태로 윙체어의 기본 디자인입니다.
견고하고 튼튼한 너도밤나무 틀을 프랑스식을 광택된 의자 다리와 먼저 연결한 후 그것을 휘어서 모양을 잡고 마지막으로 가죽을 덮어 손으로 일일이 장식단추(뽕뽕이)를 답니다.
날개가 양쪽으로 벌어져 있고 등판에 뽕뽕이를 넣고 딱 맞는 꽉찬 시트쿠션을 얹어 최상의 편안함을 제공합니다.

사진 상의 윙체어는 월넛 색상이며 이 제품의 기본 구성으로는 테두리를 두르고 있는 르네상스 스타일의 청동으로 된 장식 징과 평평한 전면부와 마호가니재의 다리로 되어있습니다.

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Highclere wing chair- 2,330,000

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2. Select Leather

All our Chesterfield sofas and chairs are available to buy in three distinctly different leathers - antique leather, premuim leather and hand dyed leather - all of which are selected for their consistent thickness and texture, have their own individual finish and come in a variety of colours.

To receive our new Distinctive Chesterfields brochure and samples of up to five leather colours of your choice, please fill in the leather swatch and brochure request form

Antique Leather

Our standard leather range that is blacked prior to being applied and hand rubbed upon completion to remove the black and reveal the colour underneath. The leather is hand sealed to protect the surface and produces an authentic antiqued appearance.

  • Antique Blue
  • Antique Brown
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Green
  • Antique Harvest Gold
  • Antique Olive
  • Antique Red
  • Antique Rust
  • Antique Tan

Premium Leather

Our luxurious leather range, the leather has a finer grain and is pre-treated with a special blend of natural finishing products for a supple appearance. It has a semi-distressed and textured finish that creates a 'pull up' effect that subtly changes the colour of the leather as it contours around the shape of the sofa.

  • Premium Cream
  • Premium Indigo
  • Premium Etna Red
  • Premium Etna Brandy
  • Premium Etna Cream
  • Premium Etna Grey
  • Premium Etna Taupe
  • Premium Black
  • Premium Dark Brown
  • Premium Mahogany
  • Premium Whisky
  • Premium Claret
  • Premium Cracked Tan
  • Premium Cracked Espresso
  • Premium Hazel
  • Premium Etna Moss
  • Premium Etna Cuba
  • Premium Storm
  • Premium Sage
  • Premium Caramel
  • Premium Walnut
  • Premium Wine

Deluxe Leather

Our individual leather range that is finished using traditional methods, it is vegetable tanned and hand dyed by a professional leather worker before being sealed. It has a rich and deep colour over a fine grained leather that is soft and supple, and will improve with age to develop its own characteristic patina over the years.

Please note, although every care is taken to match hides where more than one is required to upholster a piece, there maybe a slight colour variation. These leathers also have natural blemishes and marks, and will fade if exposed to sunlight.

  • Deluxe Vintage Black
  • Deluxe Vintage Moss
  • Deluxe Vintage Brown
  • Deluxe Vintage Red
  • Deluxe Rocco
  • Deluxe Devil Arabica
  • Deluxe Corda
  • Deluxe Devil Grigio
  • Deluxe Tudor Mustard
  • Deluxe Tudor Chestnut
  • Deluxe Brandy
  • Deluxe Wine
  • Deluxe Vintage Hazel

Signature Leather

Our Signature range here at Distinctive Chesterfields is made up of 'premium' and 'silk' varieties of leather. The collection offers exceptional quality for those looking for something truly luxurious, with a fantastic range of colours to choose from. The range is made up of: Silk Leather This beautiful range of full grain aniline leather is offered in plenty of colours to ensure you can match your chosen piece of furniture to your decor with ease. The bovine hides are finished with a wax coating, which allows the natural character of the hide to show through.

Premium Signature Leather

Our premium leather is metallic foil, with a smooth finish. It's perfect if you're looking for a real statement piece, as any sofa or chair upholstered in this leather will certainly elicit wows from friends and family. As ever with the leathers we use here at Distinctive Chesterfields, the premium variety is from a 100% bovine hide for an authentic look.

  • Signature Hyacinth
  • Signature Morocan
  • Signature Flame
  • Signature Auburn
  • Signature Seville
  • Signature Tawny
  • Signature Damson
  • Signature Aubergine
  • Signature Lemon
  • Signature Truffle
  • Signature Fudge
  • Signature Desert
  • Signature Conker
  • Signature Macchiato
  • Signature Aqua
  • Signature Sapphire
  • Signature Oxford
  • Signature Midnight
  • Signature Flint
  • Signature Spearmint
  • Signature Olive
  • Signature Woodland
  • Signature Emerald
  • Signature Silver
  • Signature Gold
  • Signature Bronze
  • Signature Titanium
  • Signature Byzantium
  • Signature Platinum
  • Signature Aquarium

Wool and Velvet

Wool Range

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we're thrilled to offer you not just a choice of high quality, 100% bovine leather, but now a brand new collection of luxurious wool swatches. They're so luxurious to the touch, in fact, that it's worth seeing and feeling them to truly appreciate the skill that's gone into each and every style and print.

Made by Abraham Moons (established in 1827) in its British mill - one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills - the wool goes through a thorough manufacturing process to ensure you can enjoy only the best end product.

We offer a stunning range of prints to choose from, too, from traditional plaid (checked) wool, to plain but equally attractive shades.

There's a great many benefits to choosing wool; the material offers durability, is easy to care for, naturally anti-static, flame-retardant, and eco-friendly. Wool is also hypo allergic, meaning it's resistant to bacteria, as well as enjoying a unique natural cell structure to work in harmony with its environment. Why not order a swatch or two today and see for yourself the craftsmanship of this luxurious product?

Velvet Range

Established in 1991 by John Kitching, Northcroft Fabrics offers a beautiful collection of velvet to complete our current range of luxury swatches. A plain cotton velvet made in Berkshire, the Rochelle range is available here on our site in five beautiful colours to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for.

Prior to setting up Northcroft Fabrics, John spent 30 years in the textiles industry and ran one of the leading furnishing fabric companies; you can be sure of a great quality product. A big hit with interior designers and home owners, velvets offer high quality and great style. Effortlessly complementing traditional and contemporary homes, velvet is hard wearing and pleasant to the touch - a luxurious selection for any living room.

  • Velvet Crimson
  • Velvet Aubergine
  • Velvet Black
  • Velvet Royal
  • Velvet Slate
  • Wool Jet
  • Wool Stone
  • Wool Hessian
  • Wool Flint
  • Wool Charcoal
  • Wool Grape
  • Wool Pacific
  • Wool Willow
  • Wool Pomegranate
  • Wool Fuschia
  • Wool Heather
  • Wool Lavender
  • Wool Apple
  • Wool Lime
  • Wool Aspen Grey
  • Wool Gargrave Lilac
  • Wool Grey Multi
  • Wool Light Grey
  • Wool Check Red

House Leather

Like the look of our antique leather? You'll also love our new house range of 100% bovine hides, which has a corrected grain and is extremely hard-wearing. There's some lovely shades in this range, too, from blue and lavender to bright pink. With a plain pigmented finish, the house leather offers an ideal light fastness, as well as stain protection and a soft feel.

  • House Hessian
  • House Black
  • House Steel
  • House Silver Grey
  • House Mocha
  • House Dresden
  • House Regal
  • House White
  • House Cream
  • House Cerise
  • House Lavender
  • House Sky
  • House Melon
  • House Forest Green
  • House Scarlet

3. Comfort

  • Seating
  • Cushion Filling

4. Finishing Touches

  • Front Border
  • Wood Stain
  • Studding Style

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